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Meet Dalal


Melbourne, Victoria

Dalal moved to Australia as a Chaldean refugee from Iraq in 1992. She was a qualified accountant, however her experience led her to pursue a different path in Australia.

“I wanted to help other newly arrived refugees and migrants integrate successfully into Australian society.”

She now assists them with a variety of essential tasks and skills, from English language to legal support.

In 2012, Dalal was approached by Kildonan UnitingCare who offered to run MoneyMinded with her Chaldean Women’s Association and Arabic Speaking Women’s Group. “The group wanted to know how to manage their money. It’s different in Australia to their home country.” One member of the group hadn’t seen her family in ten years because she didn’t know how to save. She is now saving to visit them.

According to Dalal, the MoneyMinded workshops were “very successful and the women are able to manage their finances now.”

Dalal has also improved her own money management and laughs when reflecting back on how she used to shop during her lunch breaks:

“Why was I spending that money if I didn’t need to? I am now saving for my kids’ education and unexpected expenses and we are paying off our house as quickly as possible.”