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Meet Vicki


Perth, Western Australia

Vicki is a single mother with two daughters.

“I was always pretty good at saving,” said Vicki.

“But doing MoneyMinded made me more aware of the little things that I was spending money on and to prioritise saving.”

The biggest takeaway for Vicki was teaching her kids about saving from a young age.

Vicki’s eldest daughter, Ava, gets pocket money each week for doing her jobs. Out of that she has to split the money between her piggy bank savings and spending money.

“After completing MoneyMinded you concentrate more on passing on habits,” said Vicki. “With my own savings I’ve bought Ava her first pair of proper school shoes along with her school uniform and book list.”

“I would recommend MoneyMinded to anyone. Lots of people can benefit – who wouldn’t want to learn better money habits?”

Vicki completed MoneyMinded as part of the Saver Plus program.