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Meet Delphi


Melbourne, Victoria

A couple of years ago, one of Delphi’s three children was about to start school.

Delphi’s goal was to save up for all the schools costs, such as uniforms, laptop and text books. She signed up for MoneyMinded as part of the Saver Plus program.

“MoneyMinded is a fantastic program. I didn’t see the value of it at the time, because I thought I knew how to budget. In hindsight I didn’t.”

The skills that Delphi learnt through MoneyMinded helped her save for their first family holiday.

“I can see us actually having a good future now, not one where we’re struggling from pay cheque to pay cheque.”

“I look at what I can achieve now and I know that the MoneyMinded workshops helped me get to where I am today. I feel like I’ve won the financial war – it’s like I get, I know it, I’m on top of it – it’s smooth sailing now!”

Delphi completed MoneyMinded as part of the Saver Plus program.