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Meet Sharon


Perth, Western Australia

As a single mother with a mortgage, Sharon had to make hard decisions early on. She chose to work part-time so she could be there for her son Jamahl.

When an opportunity came up to do MoneyMinded as a part of the Saver Plus program, Sharon thought, why not?

While Sharon was already careful with her money, she had put off thinking about her super because it was too hard.

“It was good to get guidance. MoneyMinded equipped me with the information I needed to review and consolidate.”

One thing that really stood out for Sharon was thinking about her spending leaks. For instance, buying a coffee three times a week and not realising how much it was adding up to.

“It’s made me more conscious of where my money goes which helps me stay on track and double check if I really need an item.”

Sharon has made sure to pass on her savings habits to Jamahl. They visit the bank together so that he can see the importance of putting money aside.

“Education is always a good thing. Even if you’ve got knowledge you can always learn something else.”

Sharon completed MoneyMinded as part of the Saver Plus program.