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MoneyMindedTM was created to help you build your skills, knowledge and confidence in managing your money.

What is MoneyMinded?

MoneyMinded is an adult financial education program developed by ANZ in 2002 in consultation with community and government stakeholders and education experts.

Whether you’re looking to create a budget, reduce your debt or start saving, there’s something for you. Check out the full suite of activities here.

How does it work?

MoneyMinded is made up of a series of interactive activities that are designed to improve your money management skills.

You can complete any of the activities at any time and at no cost to you. You don’t need to be an ANZ customer and ANZ will not promote their products or services.

Find out what people say about MoneyMinded and visit our research report library to read about its impact across Australia.

MoneyMinded is also available through face-to-face workshops run by community organisations including Anglicare SA, Berry Street, Brotherhood of St Laurence, Uniting, The Benevolent Society and The Smith Family. It can be used by individuals or groups.

What topics does the MoneyMinded program cover?

Know yourself

  • Recognise the link between attitudes and approaches to managing money.
  • Identify and reflect upon your own attitude to money.
  • Set tasks to balance your attitude to money.

Spend wisely

  • Recognise the impacts of spending leaks on your financial situation.
  • Prioritise your spending by applying the concept of needs and wants.
  • Identify ways to reduce expenses.
  • Diarise your daily spending to identify spending leaks.

Clarify your goal

  • Recognise the impact of not having clear financial goals.
  • Define your SMART goals in relation to money.

Create a budget

  • Determine what’s left over on pay day after priorities have been taken care of.
  • Recognise that regular savings are equal in importance to other budget commitments.
  • See the benefits of having a budget in place.
  • Take steps to create a budget.
  • Plan for unexpected life events.

Bank smart

  • Recognise the positive impacts of using appropriate bank accounts.
  • State the advantages and disadvantages of various bank account types.
  • Encourage you to shop around and ask if a better deal is available.

Avoid dangerous debt

  • Recognise the impacts of not maintaining a positive credit history.
  • Identify advantages and disadvantages of various types of credit providers.

Watch for credit cards

  • Recognise the potential cost of credit cards.
  • Identify techniques to effectively manage credit cards.

Plan for your future

  • Recognise the benefits of effectively managing superannuation.
  • Recognise how superannuation funds work at a high-level.
  • List common features and investment options of superannuation funds.
  • Identify key factors to consider when selecting, switching or consolidating superannuation funds.

I want to become a MoneyMinded facilitator

MoneyMinded facilitator training and materials are offered by ANZ at no cost to professionals working in community services or financial counselling. Conditions apply. Please contact us for more information.

Why does ANZ invest in MoneyMinded?

A fundamental purpose of ANZ’s business is to help build the prosperity of the people and communities in which we operate. ANZ developed MoneyMinded to assist those who stand to gain the most from building financial skills for their future. ANZ has invested in innovative financial education programs and independent research for the last ten years. You can read more about ANZ’s approach here.

Saver Plus program

MoneyMinded is also used within our Saver Plus matched savings program. To find out more visit Saver Plus or contact the Saver Plus National Office saverplus@bsl.org.au

I want to know more

To find out more about MoneyMinded, please contact us or visit anz.com.

MoneyMindedTM is a registered trade mark of Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited.